NYC Date Night

IMG_2154-Edit IMG_2159-Edit IMG_2172-Edit IMG_2180-Edit IMG_2190-Edit IMG_2203-Edit

Dallin and I went for a date night at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade this week. We decided to have a chat and film it (see below). It’s super shaky because we were getting in some steps 🙂  We are loving living in New York so far and can’t wait to explore more of this amazing city!

I do have a moment I would like to share about doing laundry. I have dreaded this moment from the time moving to NYC was a tiny idea seed in our brains. Soooooo I went to do some laundry at the nearest laundromat the other day and for some reason I couldn’t get the machine to accept my quarters. The owner saw me struggling and yelled across the store, ‘You need 8 quarter’. So I counted my quarters… again. I HAD 8 QUARTERS!! I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and I’m sure I looked like a crazy person just trying to shove my quarters into the machine. Finally, the owner was so sick of me making a fool of my self that she ran over, yes she ran over, and pointed yelling, ‘THIS NOT QUARTER!! YOU SO DUMB!!’ So I pulled out the ‘quarter’ she was pointing at to find a dollar piece from Nicaragua. ??????? I have no idea.

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