Curious Alice


For those who know me well, know my deep obsession with Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I have always connected with Alice, I love her unwavering curiosity and dedication to the impossible.

Now you might be wondering why I have decided to share this strange fact about myself with you, but I promise I have a point. As many of you know Dallin and I recently moved to Brooklyn, NY. The decision making process for this giant change took almost a year. I knew that moving to New York City was something I would always want to do, I just didn’t know if it was something that I should do. A lot of prayer, study and personal pondering took place in order for me to feel confident that this was the right thing for us to do right now in our lives.

In April, just before the Semi-Annual LDS General Conference I said a quick prayer. I told God that I felt like I was faced with many choices at this time in my life. I felt a little uneasy about the choices I wanted to make and I prayed that I would be able to receive some comfort and confirmation about these choices. As I finished my prayer, President Monson began to speak and after announcing several new Temples (Zimbabwe :):):):):):)), he said, ‘I have been thinking recently about choices’. I thought, ‘what the heck dude? Me too!!!!!’ I started to tear up as President Monson relayed a tiny scene from Alice’s story. I felt God hearing my prayer and answering it immediately. I’m sure there are others who feel this way too, but this talk was just for me. My testimony of how Heavenly Father knows each of us so deeply was strengthened. The comfort I felt from receiving this answer is a feeling I will never forget. I’m so happy that God gave me the answer I was searching for, I would have been truly heartbroken over receiving the alternative answer. I have loved every bit of Brooklyn that we’ve been able to explore.

As my first Sunday at my new ward arrived I began to feel nervous. I have some social anxiety about meeting new people. Two wrong trains later, I arrived about 20 minutes late to sacrament meeting. Not exactly how I was wanting to start my first week… The first speaker got up and started to tell the story of Alice. I immediately felt a wave of comfort. I knew this was where I was supposed to be.

I love that I was able to have such a personal experience that strengthened my relationship with God. I felt that I needed to share this experience here because it would have been too emotional to share in testimony meeting. Andddd if you made it through this entire post you deserve a pat on the back and some chocolate.


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