Dallin and I have been so busy lately. It feels like 2016 is flying by, it’s going to be over in a blink. We have been living in Brooklyln for 8 months now!! I can’t believe it’s been that long, it feels like we just moved here. We’re loving living here. Brooklyn is home.

I wanted to share some pics of what we’ve been up to lately and I realized – I need to take more pictures! I want to remember all the fun things!!!


I have a new baby nephew ^^^ We’ve been so excited for little baby Remy’s arrival and I can’t wait to karate chop those cheeks in January


We saw my favorite band play (again). Hive Riot is a Utah band! Both times I’ve seen them play have been in NY. I love them. Look them up if you haven’t, you’ll fall in love too!


A week or two before Halloween we went on a Ghost Tour of Greenwich Village with some great friends and I loved it! New York has so much fun history and I was eating it up. This is a picture of the ‘Friends’ apartment (although, not haunted or historical I just thought it was a touristy thing to do).

We learned all the parks in the city used to be graveyards – bodies still under there :/

We learned all of the brown street signs in the city signify that you’re in a historic district. Way cool!


We didn’t have Halloween plans until my cousin texted me last minute and told us to meet them in the city for the Halloween parade. Donna, my cousin,  her husband and two kiddos have been traveling the country in their RV for the past year. They show up every once in a while and we try to take advantage of it whenever they pop in. They are in DC now and who knows where they’ll end up next.

Our last minute costume ‘Peaky Blinders’ (literally put together in less than an hour). Thanks to my Aunt Bunny for the vintage gown and Great Grandma for the flawless coat.

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While my parents were here we explored a few eats we haven’t before – I really liked the decor in the place below.

img_0842 img_0841


I was feeling super loved! Mom brought me some Swig cookies in her suitcase! I love a good Dirt Ball. Too bad a Raspberry Dream wouldn’t have survived the flight. I miss Swig too much!

Having my parents here was so fun. I loved showing them around Prospect Park, Central Park, Soho, China Town! I miss them already!

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img_0886-1Dad telling me how to get rid of ticks – Check out my twitter @magreenhalgh3 for more great dad jokes from his trip


I finished Gloria’s new book on election day. A day that broke my heart a little. I don’t know when America will be ready for a female President, but I hope it’s in my lifetime. I want to see a President who looks like America! I want my nieces to see there are no limits for women.

I loved this book and highly recommend anything written by Gloria. She’s inspiring!

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We attended NYCFC’s very first playoff game ever! They lost terribly, but at least we had this nasty bucket of chicken to comfort us.


Less than 2 months until I get to see this face tho!!!! (below) She’d kill me if she knew I posted this but that’s what she gets for leaving me for 1.5 years!



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