thank you, next (2018)

It’s been a while since I last posted on this site. Lately, it’s been extra therapeutic to take pen to paper and journal the old fashioned way — plus I’m out of photo memory here and don’t want to pay for more. For some reason online journaling requires images??


I really enjoy reading back through my yearly highlights so I know it’s March but, Imma do it.


2018 here we were.


We celebrated Dallin’s 29th Birthday with a quiet dinner in Prospect Heights. Earlier in the day Dallin thought he was dying of an allergic reaction, so dinner was a pleasant reminder that sometimes it’s just nice to be alive.

The world coined a new term: ‘Bombcyclone’. Dallin and I worked from home in our pajamas and tried not to freeze. It was so cozy.

Dallin started a graphic design program in Manhattan.



In February my Commodity team nominated me as a 2018 Notable for the Fragrance Foundation. I was so honored!! My mom even traveled to NYC for the awards ceremony.

While my mom was here we laid in bed and watched the entire season of Big Little Lies and honestly it’s in my top 10 favorite memories with her.



I started to think about maybe applying for graduate school.

We started to think about maybe finding cheaper rent to pay for said graduate school.

March was a lot of thinking and talking.



Dallins’ sister, Aubree, came to visit us! This is when she told us she’d be marrying the love of her life that coming summer. It’s a moment I won’t forget, especially since it wasn’t the first time she told me.. I just ignored the first time!! Damn text messages.

Dallin graduated from his graphic design program.

We moved! Yay cheaper rent!


We went to the “Honorable William Wall” with some of our favorite friends. Highly recommend – an amazing NYC experience.

I submitted my application for graduate school (late, but I did it).



We celebrated my birthday with my BFF Sara not the country singer Evans in NJ by laying in the sun all. day. long. Subsequently, I suffered the worst sunburn of my life – my shins are still red!!

Dallin and I took a random Friday off work to see The Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the MET. It was a the most perfect NYC day.

I saw Kacey Musgraves and Harry Styles live so I can check that off the bucket list. She was a spiritual experience I wasn’t prepared for.



WE GOT A PUPPY!! Definitely the highlight of my 2018 was finally convincing Dallin that we needed a furry friend. We rescued Zini and our lives have been forever changed. We love him!

Basically the rest of July is us planning our lives around going to the park with Zini + his auntie Sara Ma.



We visited Utah to attend Aubree’s wedding! It was such a beautiful ceremony. It was so nice to see so many friends and family gather to support both Aubs and Justin.

Commodity threw a big party on a boat!! It was such a fun night celebrating with all the people who have helped get this brand where we are today. #teamcommodity

I was accepted to grad school and started classes late August! It was a crazy month, but it’s been wildly worth the crazy.



CONSUMED with school work!! The adjustment of full time work + part time school was something that took some getting used to.



I traveled to Europe for the very first time and it was truly a dream come true. Commodity is quickly making moves in Europe which allowed me to travel to Paris for a few meetings. It was magical. #teamcommodity

Dallin and I celebrated 6 years of being married! Year 6 has probably been my favorite yet.

I read Educated by Tara Westover and it was by far my favorite book of 2018. 10/10 would reco forever.

I saw Lily Allen live – after having just read her memoir My Thoughts Exactly – she was amazing.



I hosted my very first Thanksgiving! It was filled with love and friendship and I’d do it again.

I also attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade for the first time ever – so magical.

Dallin and I attended a #myplmorning at the pier and it was probably the best day of D’s life.



I finished my first semester of grad school without dying!! I have truly enjoyed this program so much and I’m loving all the great friendships being developed because of it.

Dallin, Zini and I traveled to Utah to spend the holidays with our families. It was a great way to end the year doing some of the things I love most in life. Hiking, skiing, shopping at suburban Target, spending time with friends and family, etc..


Thank you to everyone who made 2018 one to remember. There were some not so fun times too – generally I’ve included some of those not so fun times in my highlights – but I decided to leave the drama for my mama this year 🙂


Here’s to 2019!! The year of the Dog is predicted to be very prosperous for the Monkey (me) so cheers to this glorious year. #chinesenewyear



– Maggie



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