Washington DC

We had a blast in DC this weekend and as we are popping popcorn getting ready to watch the debate tonight I can’t help but feel grateful we had this experience this weekend. It was great to ‘get back to our roots’ and get some feeling for what our nation is founded on. I’ll be honest, I’m hoping this debate tonight is as entertaining as I think it’s going to be. I can’t wait!

Some highlights –

  • We saw a bunch of the museums and memorials
  • Played with our adorable nieces – Gabby, Rozzie and Coco 🙂
  • Dallin went to a BYU game
  • I went to the Peeps store with my Aunt Bunny (highlight of my trip)
  • I went to the Opera at the Nationals stadium, and LOVED it

I made a quick video to help remember the fun forever! Enjoy!! Stay tuned for pics to come.

Colorado Photos


A weekend with the Greenhalgh’s is always a party! 30 people in 1 house can get a little cray. I made a video of our trip, you can watch it here. I also wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the trip! Enjoy!!IMG_2390

I loved watched Dez cling to Dallin because she was nervous about petting the goats. IMG_2326IMG_2455IMG_2401


Look at these cute cousins! My heart!!IMG_2263IMG_2262

We suck a pictures hahaIMG_2468-2IMG_2480IMG_2487IMG_2484IMG_2496IMG_2520IMG_2551IMG_2543IMG_2530IMG_2581

NYC Date Night

IMG_2154-Edit IMG_2159-Edit IMG_2172-Edit IMG_2180-Edit IMG_2190-Edit IMG_2203-Edit

Dallin and I went for a date night at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade this week. We decided to have a chat and film it (see below). It’s super shaky because we were getting in some steps 🙂  We are loving living in New York so far and can’t wait to explore more of this amazing city!

I do have a moment I would like to share about doing laundry. I have dreaded this moment from the time moving to NYC was a tiny idea seed in our brains. Soooooo I went to do some laundry at the nearest laundromat the other day and for some reason I couldn’t get the machine to accept my quarters. The owner saw me struggling and yelled across the store, ‘You need 8 quarter’. So I counted my quarters… again. I HAD 8 QUARTERS!! I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and I’m sure I looked like a crazy person just trying to shove my quarters into the machine. Finally, the owner was so sick of me making a fool of my self that she ran over, yes she ran over, and pointed yelling, ‘THIS NOT QUARTER!! YOU SO DUMB!!’ So I pulled out the ‘quarter’ she was pointing at to find a dollar piece from Nicaragua. ??????? I have no idea.